Circuit of Life


Circuit of life 1

Model for Guandu Festival, Taiwan


My proposal for Guandu Festival related to Nature and Culture. For this installation I will use materials found in the environment of the Park such soil, water, recycled bamboo, and rice straws. Estimated dimensions of the work: 2.50m./5.00m./3.00m.

The natural river supply water in a close circuit to the crying adobe masks trough bamboo pipes. Water stream in a close circuit, symbolize another natural process.

Adobe human masks, beside adobe stones, float on a ferry bamboo net, and rice shoots grows between them, symbolizing local agriculture and culture. The bamboo net protect adobe shapes to be in direct contact with the water.

This installation supposed  to survive for 3 months, but in fact, we can expect changes every day, caused by extremely weather conditions in the area that increase the process. We will see at the end of the process, the destroyed adobe shapes going back to the earth, where they came from, to start another Circuit of Life.

Crying masks

Circuit of Life, model

Circuit of life  Crying Masks1 Circuit of Life detail from above

Detail from above