Exhibitions 2009-2010

Sentires de Tierra y Rio,

Concepcion del Uruguay, Entre Rios, Argentina

Mensajeros de Paz

Rawson en el Bicentenario, Rawson, Argentina

Exhibitions 2010_Concepcion Exhibitions 2010_Rawson

SOFA New York 2009

dolinsky sofa 2009 copia

Individual Exhibition - Compendium Gallery, Auckland, N.Zealand

Biennale of Ceramics d'Art, Aveiro, Portugal

October 3rd  - November 15th, 2009

Biennale of Contemporary Art, Chianciano, Italy

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Artist Statement


"Leonardo da Vinci Award - Tercer premio per la Scultura"

Totem 2003 white clay h 69cm




As an architect, I used to design spaces and enclose them with walls that defined their boundaries within the natural surroundings.

As a sculptor, I think about the inner spirit of my sculptures, and define boundaries with clay.

My nude drawings and oil paintings are part of this personal point of view.

The inner spirit is the essence of my work.

Life, human beings and the relationship between them, have always inspired me. By joining them together, I can feel the music of their movements, the colors, the shadows they       cast-on one another, and the sensuality of couples and groups.

Through them I can transmit my own feelings and talk with my audience, in different ways.